Chief Inspector Rio Maymay, ginpasidunggan sang Iloilo City Council!

Iloilo City–Nagpasar sang resolution ang mga miembro sang City Council agud pasidunggan si C/Insp. Rio Maymay, hepe sang Molo Police Station, bangud sang maayo nga community relations.

Kasunod man ini sang pagkadakup sa  secretary-general sang New People’s Army sa Panay nga si  Ma. Concepcion Araneta-Bocala alyas Ka Concha. Ang pagpasar sang resolution ginpaagi sa Committee on Police Matters nga ginapamunuan ni Councilor Joshua Alim.

Ginpahayag ni Alim ang nangin ehemplo si Maymay sa iban nga station commanders agud mangin dedikado sa serbisyo. Padal-an sang City Council sang kopya sang resolution si Police Regional Office (PRO) 6 Director C/Supt. Bernardo Diaz agud nga mahatagan man sang pasidungog si Maymay. (Aine Grace Bravo)


5 thoughts on “Chief Inspector Rio Maymay, ginpasidunggan sang Iloilo City Council!

  • Ronino maymay

    My name is Chloe I’m 12 years Old, I hope this message will get to the attention of Pres. Duterte.
    Just to let you know my parents didn’t sleep well last night because of all the messages they received, my dad took us out today to watch finding dory but I could sense his sadness.

    My parents and I agree with what you stand for and what you want to do for the Philippines, my parents even campaigned for you on social media, talked to relatives and asked to vote for you, my Dad went against his mom and sister when he did this, he did it because he believes in you, but after you mentioned PCI Rio P. Maymay were all taken aback, my dad felt like he was betrayed by his own Pres., because he knows Rio So well .Rio loves his job,his passion is to serve his country , a true gentleman, a Police officer who will fight for his country to the end, An officer with the same Principles as you, to end the crime and drugs in the Philippines.He is Innocent Mr.President!

    Rio worked hard to get where he is now hope you won’t ruin it just because you are the President of the Philippines and you have mentioned his name on your press conference.. You said it was validated and revalidated but what was the basis of your validation? I am confused because he risks his life to protect the country, he risks his life many times to fight those criminals, how did you and your men get that conclusion that he is a drug coddler. Please enlighten me Mr. President because I’m so angry and confused right now as you are about ro ruin one precious innocent life.
    For many Filipinos you are their new found hero but for me ,my family and other Filipinos who he serves with all his heart PCI Rio Maymay is the real hero!

    I CHALLENGE you Mr. President to prove your allegation to PCI Rio Maymay. Please get your facts right!
    I stand for the truth
    Stop Dropping Names Just Because You can
    you are Hurting Innocent People and their Loved Ones

  • Ronino maymay: Nice try. A 12 years old wrote the 1st comment? gaguhin niyo ibang tao o pamilya niyo….hindi yan isasama ni Duterty sa listhahan ng walang ebidensya.

    • Alieneye

      mister Dragon, wag kn man pumatol sa bata, crab mentality yan. Articulate lang yung bata ha mister high blood!

  • Jed Patrick Mabilog

    Sagad sagad sang 12 years old magsulat ba. daw mapati man ko ba

  • Joe Ay Ay Ay

    Basi may bata pa si Rio Maymay nga 4 years old tani pasulaton man nila mga yudikangaroo ya.. Put@**1na

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