Japanese Tourist, Nagreklamo Sa Pulis Matapos Ginpalagyo Sang Tricycle Driver Ang Iya Bag

Lapuz District – Nagpablotter sa Lapaz Police Station ang Japanese national pagkatapos ginpalagyo sang tricycle driver ang iya bag sa Lapuz port kagab-i.

Nagpanaug sa fast cat vessel si Yuryko Sugaki halin sa Bacolod kag nagsakay sa tricycle pero naghingyo ini sa driver nga magbakal anay sang tubig bangud na-uhaw.

Nakibot nalang ang 34-anyos nga Japanese national nga ginpalagyo sang tricycle driver ang iya bag nga naga-unod sang duha ka laptops, apat ka iphone cellphones, portable HDD, digital camera, kwarta, electric dictionary kag pila ka libro, bayo kag cable wires.

Sa panaysayon sang biktima, ang tricycle driver ginabanta 5’5 ang kataason, medium built ang panglawason kag may fair nga complexion.

Ginpabutyag ni Sugaki nga na-discourage na siya nga magbalik sa Iloilo kasunod sang insidente apang mahimo pa mabag-o kun sa pamatyagan niya secure na ang lugar.


One thought on “Japanese Tourist, Nagreklamo Sa Pulis Matapos Ginpalagyo Sang Tricycle Driver Ang Iya Bag

  • Glenn Fernandez

    The police, tourism and the mayor’s office should go out of their way to expend maximum attention and aid to Ms. Sugaki in recovering her belongings to impress upon her that although not all Ilonggos are sane and honest (just as there are also bad people in other places or countries) we are deeply sorry when things like this happen to our guest and we do our utmost to attend to their case and extend all necessary help. I am a former OFW in Japan, Malaysia and China and I know things like this happens everywhere. I personally experienced something similar. The most important thing (to the victim) is what the authorities in the locality do when this thing happen to a guest. It spells the difference in the image that the guest will have which he/she will share with others back home or with friends and acquaintances in other places in the world made borderless by technology. We could still salvage our image and give a positive impression to Ms. Sugaki if we and our authorities act sensitively and responsively.

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